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Private classes

ESS St-Luc offers six hour courses in all types of snow and for all skiing or snowboarding levels. Each teacher pays particular attention to giving you advice on the best techniques and tips on improving your level. You can also make the most of our beautiful ski domain to improve your freeride ski skills or try out a new discipline, like freestyle or slalom, with qualified teachers.


By using our high performance reservation website you are sure of having a place on a course and finding the right teacher for your family, friends or yourself. Some things, like freeride courses, competitions, or trips, cannot be booked via the system and we would be grateful if you could contact us directly so that we take care of everything

Group classes

ESS St-Luc is proud that its group classes have experienced teachers who can teach your children the latest techniques in complete safety. The groups are usually 6-8 people, and although in the very busy weeks there can be up to a dozen students this does not in any way affect the standard of teaching and their ability to learn.

Contact Us

The ESS St-Luc is a small ski school but we have two offices, one in the village and one on the slopes. They have specific opening times in high season which are more limited in low season. Please note! Although it is very common, and certainly practical and economical to contact people by email, people like us, who work away from the office, cannot guarantee that we can answer you immediately, so, for urgent matters, please call us.


Who hasn’t dreamed of being a bit like a Hawaiian surfer and sliding over virgin slopes, feeling fresh snow sprinkle your face and, once down, contemplating the marks you leave behind as if they were a magnificent and ephemeral work of art? You can do that with us, in the Couloirs des Ombrintzes, between St-Luc and Chandolin, or on other slopes in the Val d’Anniviers, or even after a good climb on cross-country skis.

We suggest you consider taking at least one Big course, but the best solution is to take a day or a half day so you have enough time to implement all the security measures you need for a successful day, and, above all, have enough time to go looking for beautiful, virgin slopes.

Freeride is a wonderful but very demanding discipline and we don’t want our guests to overstretch themselves. If you want to be able to go off-piste you have to be able to perform a short turn on a steep slope. Contact our office and we can give you some great tips, as well as giving you the best teacher for this discipline.