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From July on you can book group and private classes for the next winter season via our secure direct booking site on the internet.

For private courses, with the exception of the weekends, it is not possible to make advance bookings for less than 5 consecutive days (Monday to Friday) via the booking site. However, you can send an email to info@ess-stluc.ch with your request, but it should be no earlier than 10 days before your arrival because we need to ensure our instructors’ schedules are properly planned.

It is only possible to make advance reservations by mail or by phone in the winter because we do not have office staff during the off-season.

During your stay, you can book your courses at our offices either on the slopes at Tignousa, or in the village, opposite the Bella-Tola Hotel, during the hours listed in “Home -> Office opening hours”

In very busy periods it might happen that it is difficult for us to find enough teachers for the children’s classes. During these weeks, we increase the number of students in these classes to 12. As we only hire ‘quality’ teachers and we don’t want to have to chase after students all over our ski area, we sometimes limit the number of students to 200 in the morning and we open an afternoon session as well.

Anyone who reserves by internet is automatically enrolled and given first priority, provided that the registration was done 3 days before the start of the course, at the latest.

NB: It’s pointless trying to make a reservation by internet if you have been put on a waiting list because the system won’t validate it.

In recent winters, we have successfully tried offering group courses in the afternoon, when the morning classes are full (over 200 participants). This system is automatic when you book. Therefore, we ask you to read your registration receipt very carefully so you don’t come to a morning course if you are registered for one in the afternoon…

Because it is difficult to know in advance in which weeks we will have courses in both the morning and the afternoon we suggest you begin your group class at the time that has been reserved and then let us know that you would like to change your schedule for the following days. Then we will start a list of participants who would like to exchange with each other, but we can’t offer any guarantees.

Yes, it is much easier to be able to book from the comfort of your own home, but it does have a price! Our supplier requires each transaction to be charged to a credit card. But please don’t worry. Our direct booking website has already been in use for several seasons and we haven’t had any problems with hacking or similar. It is very reliable and powerful and allows you to avoid spending hours in line at the ESS windows, let alone the 5% discount you’ll receive if you book group classes before the season opens on December 15. Swiss customers can also pay for their “online” reservation with a Postcard.

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